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Piotr Sliz, PhD
Associate Professor in BCMP
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Email: piotr_sliz at
Phone: 617-432-5608, ext 70
Admin Support: Sakthyda Corrado
Grants Administration: Jason Hall

Our laboratory is located on the second floor of LHRRB building in the Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School. Street address is 45 Shattuck Street, Rm LHRRB-201, Boston, MA, 02115. 

We are hiring!

  • We welcome post-bac scholars and rotation students who are interested in pursuing structural and mechanistic studies of various components of microRNA biogenesis pathway.

  • Our structural bioinformatics program has openings for students, programmers and research computing specialists at various experience levels.

  • Summer interns are accepted through the BCMP Summer Internship program.


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You can also direct general inquiries to Michelle Ottaviano or contact us individually at:       

Directions and Parking | Phone: 617.432.5608

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Collaborators: Richard Gregory | George Daley | Suzanne Walker, Mercè Crosas.

Notable Alumni: Ben Eisenbraun | Anna LeeIan LevesqueYunsun Nam | Daniel O'Donovan | Paul SanschagrinIan Stokes-Rees | James Stowell 

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