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The major aim of laboratory is to determine mechanisms of non-canonical gene expression regulation and to use structural information to facilitate development of novel small molecule inhibitors. Our group has determined crystal structures of Lin28 with three microRNAs. Lin28 is a reprogramming factor and an oncogene. High-resolution crystal structures of Lin28/microRNA complexes provide new avenues for cancer drug discovery projects. We aim to determine X-ray and EM structures of other complexes from this pathway. Our work in this area is funded by the National Cancer Institute. In collaboration with Prof. Walker’s laboratory we also determined crystal structures of the O-GlcNAc Transferase (OGT) and its complex with a peptide substrate. This structural work was complemented by a molecular dynamics simulation performed on a specialized computing cluster developed in my laboratory. Future collaborative work on OGT will focus on the development of small inhibitors and is funded by NIH/NIGMS. 


Selected publications and supporting data:

MicroRNA Biogenesis:

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  • Nam Y, Chen C, Gregory RI, Chou J, Sliz P (2011). Molecular Basis for Interaction of let-7 MicroRNAs with Lin28. Cell; 5:1080-91. PDF 
    PDB Files: 3TRZ, 3TS0, 3TS2.
    Diffraction Datasets: Structural Biology Data Grid

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    Data: 1μs Desmond MD Trajectory

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